Social Traffic vs. Seek visitors: that is better for Bloggers?

social traffic vs. search site visitors
we continually appearance to answer the large questions. one query that has been plaguing me for a long time is:

what's the right advertising channel for my weblog?

is social the proper manner? or is it seek? where must most of my advertising efforts pass?

as i researched the first-class advertising and marketing channels, i found out that “blogs” are unique corporations which have one of a kind customers. some blogs are technical and precise, and others are universal and informational. there's no one unmarried answer for all blogs.
is it better to get social traffic or search visitors?

Benefits of Comment Marketing for Popularity

benifits of comment marketing
Commenting on a blog (aka Comment Marketing) is one of the most effective direct traffic to your site and traditional. Although many people do not follow this technique to rank in Google today, they still do in popularity, trust and respect. Many people fail to make their influence on blogs with some stupid mistakes and ignorance. As many people have asked me to cover this concept in detail, I have decided to write about the benefits of considering the popularity of marketing and circulation. Please do not be a false assumption that I will cover three topics in this post, but in fact, I'll talk about some important tips to be aware, sympathy, trust, traffic, customers and add value to your authority online. Stay tuned to find out marketing the most amazing comment made in this article below.

The most expensive keywords in Google Adwords - a sign for affiliate marketing?

most expensive keywords in google adwords
If you are into affiliate marketing, you should regularly order the most expensive keywords. Whether Google Adwords or other similar service. Back in time your keywords and other categories making money is very important. When it comes to product gravity, everyone has their own set of rules to hide people. Find these keywords expensive product can really help you make real money. These expensive products have more competition, and the conversion rate. Markus Allen posted a detailed documentation of Search Engine Markup Roundup. This paper has examined the most expensive keywords Google Adwords (depending on their suggestion tool), and gave a clear indication for affiliate marketers smart.

How to block some Google Adsense ads

block some google adsense ads
You may have noticed that sometimes Google Adsense ads show some competing irrelevant sites, little research or common spam on your site. But you do not want Adsense to display these ads.
If you are in this situation, then you are lucky enough that Google has an option that allows you to block these ads. In this post I will discuss how and what kind of ads you should hang on Adsense. So lets begin.

How to find low competition keywords with Google Keyword Planner

find low competition keywords
Now to talk about the most talked about Google Keyword agenda. Previously, a keyword research tool, Google was the only free option to find low competition keywords in less time. But the recent announcement that the keyword research tool Google has been replaced by the keyword Planner Google, many people have lost hope of finding a profitable niche keywords for free. While Planner keywords based purely on commercial angle, you can always dig to find potential keywords for your niche blogs or potential customers. The new keyword integrated scheduler to support multiple PPC ads and advertisers rather than any SEO freelancer or niche marketing.

Get Google Adsense Approval! 7 things to do that really work

7 things to get google adsense approval
Would you believe that I applied for Adsense with a WAP site that had no possibility of Adsense codes? Believe it or not, but it's true. Adsense rejected my request. Because the application does not make sense to Adsense team. This time, I had no idea Adsense and how it works. All I knew that the website owners can make money with AdSense. So I thought why not give it a try. After all, I was a proud owner of a mobile site. Like me, there are many people who apply for Adsense with low quality sites. That's why Google has become stricter in approving new Adsense accounts to maintain its quality.

How to generate more website traffic from Pinterest

derive traffic from pinterest to your websiteAccording to statistics, one notes that Pinterest is one of the primary source to drive traffic to your site. Pinterest has nearly 70 million daily users and continues to grow. So, be active in a large network and generate traffic from such a source is really needed. There are some impressive strategies you can follow to increase your followers on Pinterest and drive massive traffic to Pinterest. This blog covers some of the recommended methods to drive more traffic to your site from Pinterest.

Best way to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense

High paying keywords
If you are an Adsense publisher, chances are you want to increase your income through more clicks. Sometimes it happens that you have a good CTR, I mean that you are getting lots of Adsense clicks but your estimated gain is low. For example, you have 40 clicks and your estimated gain was $ 0.77! This is really a windfall. 
You are not responsible for the low gain. In fact Low CPC (cost per click) is responsible for this. You may have noticed that AdSense ads show Post says most content. Specifically, we can say ads are linked with the position of key words. CPC is related to these key words. Google will not pay you an average rate for clicks. Sometimes you win $ 3 for one click where sometimes they will not pay you $ 3 for 50 clicks. Here's the point. It depends on the ads that people have clicked.