Why Google Adsense account is suspended

google adsense account suspension
Although many websites and SEO forums have mentioned Google Adsense will not ban your accounts, people always complain be banned from AdSense. It's a little surprising to me that many bloggers have told me that their AdSense was banned recently. It's time to play safe on our side, we never knew the table of Google AdSense improved terms and conditions. If you have an AdSense account already, your first task could be in line to check if everything is working properly or not.AdSense is the main source of income for many bloggers around the world, and none of them would face a lifetime ban.
Why Google suspends an account?
If you ask for a new AdSense account, you should read my previous article on getting AdSense approval within three days, which will surely help you get your AdSense account approved instantly. The following article will help you keep your account, and guide you to keep your account away from suspension.

You may know that Google prohibits your AdSense account without notice or prior warnings someone you are and what you do. Google does not prohibit AdSense accounts without reason, because they are very sensitive to the AdSense terms conditions.
Google derives most of its billion AdWords, and they do not want to entertain any monkey business in their networks. Google does not want their advertisers feel insecure about the integrity of their program, or feel bad about every penny invested in AdWords. Understand the terms of service for AdSense, and follow it strictly. Now lets jump in the article that helps you understand how a Google Adsense account will be banned.

Click coercion:
You're not supposed to mislead visitors clicking on ads by mistake or accident. Yes, I speak excessively ads, small mobile ads, classifieds jumps, or any other form of ads that makes your visitors click ads by mistake. Just like the screenshot below.

Click Fraud:
Click fraud is just like it sounds. You should not click on your own ads or get others to click on them. Understand that Google's algorithms are very intelligent and smarter than you think, and can not be time for you. You can not fool Google for much longer, because they know how it actually works for you and for them.

Made For AdSense (MFA) Sites:

Made For AdSense sites do not add value to their readers, or have very little content in their websites These sites are created for the sole purpose of hosting your various pages, and make visitors to click on ads . Always create valuable information sites for people who can get your money and authority online. There are many scratched or website content copied to the Internet, but not all had the chance to experience real money with AdSense. Remember that if your site has no value, it could be considered MFA and end up with suspension.

Incentives traffic:
You're not supposed to send traffic encouraged to AdSense enabled pages. This means you can not use paid traffic like PPC and traffic exchanges, to send visitors to read your content. Many people sign up for paid traffic sites where you need to check all the other pages for traffic. Avoid these types of economic techniques to get money from AdSense, you will not be entertained for much longer.

Low quality sites:
Google has become smart in penalizing AdSense accounts on the basis of individual sites. If one of your Web sites have a low quality content, auto blogging, keyword focused sites and confirm your Google AdSense suspension instantly. This happens to most affiliate marketers because they generate websites using simple keyword phrases such as weight loss, yeast infections and other micro niche websites. If any of your websites belong to these categories, it is best to remove as soon as possible and focus on the content and quality of authority.

Note: If you use both AdSense and AdWords explain in a moment, there is a risk of being banned in the two networks at once. So if your AdWords account is banned, it will not take much time to ban your AdSense too. Be careful in maintaining two different accounts for your AdWords and AdSense.
Violations content:
There are several types of categories and content that you banned from AdSense instantly. Avoid publishing pornography, hate, drugs, cheating, hacking aid, weapons, alcohol, tobacco content in your website.

Protected material:

According to Google AdSense TOC, you can not use the contents of your secure website. So do not use any content that you do not have or do not have permission. Many people try to steal or data directly, or rewrite the contents copied with little modification. Both practices must be avoided, because the quality is the most important factor to rank high in Google.
Gone are the days where you can earn money from auto blogs and low quality content. Now its time to create high quality websites and content. You must understand the only concept of long-term approach in AdSense business, and make sure to follow the instructions above to succeed in your online business. My personal advice to you all is to follow a few simple steps to do and Google AdSense.

 To do this:
• To build high quality websites and content.
• Build your sites using positive practices
• Grow your business with sustainable development strategies
• Build more websites that add value in some way

What not to do:
• Do not invest your time on short-term goals such as automotive blogs.
• Do not invest your time to find loopholes because they will be fixed quickly
• Avoid using black hat and gray hat techniques while using AdSense.
• Do not forget the fact of being banned from all AdSense sites enabled with your unique website of low quality.
• Do not willingly set AdSense system for additional clicks or views.

By following the guidelines above, I'm sure you'll never complain about Google AdSense suspend your accounts. I hope this article will surely help you to understand the basics of Google AdSense Terms and Conditions, as well as guide you to focus on an online authority. Please leave your valuable comments and queries in the section below.

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