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Define Technical web hosting terms
In this age where you can not take advantage of the full potential of your business if it does not have an online presence, having a website is almost a compulsion. However, creating and running a successful website is not as easy as it sounds.
There are various fundamental aspects of the business that require a lot of attention before going forward. It is therefore important to understand the technical terms used in relation to web hosting. For example, web hosting mainly refers to the process of having all pages of a person to website stored in a server called host servers. Remember that after learning the technical terms, you should also think about how you could put them into practice. Using a web hosting service, for example, as here, would be a good start.
Here are some of the most common technical terms found in this area.
Site Management Terms
control panel is a term we will certainly encounter when operating in this industry. This is usually a collection of all web site management tools and necessary editing in a friendly interface. With this tool, the site editor will have all the relevant information right at their fingertips increasing their efficiency.
Database support is also another useful term. Many websites today will store different types of information such as the client credentials connection and transaction details. It is for this reason that web developers should integrate a reliable database, which is an application that manages the data stored on the server. Each data segment is uniquely stored and accessed using predefined criteria.
Disk space is the amount of storage that the client's website is assigned by the company that manages the servers.
A hosting plan refers to a selected set that defines the host to provide services to a client. Some discounts, while others are expensive because of their duration and additional functionality.

The website address Conditions
The domain name is a familiar technical term used in this field. In simple terms, a domain name is a unique name that is used to identify this site. Rather than searching the site using its IP address, people just can not access it using its domain name. An IP address is a unique set of numbers that identify a host and the network. A Domain Name System is a system used to convert the domain name of the website in its respective IP addresses.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language refers to the code used by a web developer to write his Web pages. The Internet browser is designed to understand the language and load the content appropriately. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, therefore, refers to the set of rules necessary to move hypertext files across the Internet.

Email service
Most sites offer users the ability to communicate with the email editor. POP, or Post Office Protocol is a set of rules used to retrieve emails from the server. A POP email account is an Individual Account to a specific user by the host mail server. Software secondly mailing list is an application designed to manage a list of email addresses that users hold focus groups with. SMTP second is a set of protocols that determine how the programs that send and receive emails to communicate.

File Terms
FTP transfer protocol or file is a set of rules to enable the downloading and uploading files via the web site. SSH Secure Shell or is another file transfer means, but is not usually common among the different hosting providers. It is also important to note that each host has its own limit above predefined data transfer, in which the customer is charged accordingly.

Terms of programming
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets adds more power into HTML pages that are created. This is particularly useful for developers who want to integrate a catchy text and graphics to enhance the dynamism and interactivity. Microsoft Frontpage is also another term programming that is common in the area. This is an HTML editor that developers can use to create Web pages using the Microsoft platform. Javascript, CSS, like Javascript is a scripting language that is used to make the site more interactive especially when feedback is required. For commercial websites, a shopping cart software is the application that creates and manages a virtual store and coordinates billing items. These are some of the most important technical terms related to accommodation.
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