Most Important SEO Factors

most important seo factors
These days SEO is all about techniques and white hat strategies. Below I have mentioned most important SEO factors to your success blog / site. Implement these tasks regularly to avoid slapping and updates Google. You might think that my site is doing well, I do not need this information. Yes, everything seems to be fine. Traffic, comments, SERPs, rankings and etc. Suddenly you see a big drop in traffic to your website and your heart will be in your mouth. All the positions of traffic and amazing search engines are lost. You might ask, "What the hell I did it!" Well, you did not do anything! This is the question.
This traffic is lost primarily because of farming Google algorithms.

You might have heard about Panda, Penguin, EMD and other crop updates. All these updates are performed to maintain the decorum of Google search results. In a sense, I guess Google is correct. Users should never have problems on a web site, where Google can completely take over.
Whatever site you encounter, simply maintaining high quality links, articles. If the quality of your site is bad, the Panda updates, Penguin ready to slam you down. So what you do exactly?
Your site should always have this importance and optimization for consistent traffic. No matter what ever you do, make sure you follow a few important factors in your site SEO. I have included all the important factors in alphabetical order. Check out these SEO the most important factors you need to take charge.

Most important SEO factors:
Above the fold ads:
If your site displays too many ads above the fold, get you into trouble. Above the fold ads indicates the top of the page where you display more ads than necessary. Which means, if you include too many ads at the top of your site, you're screwed.
Just for example, many people use two large blocks advertising early in their post / article. It is not at all good for your site. Your site can get farmed by Google instantly. Make sure to avoid this bad practice to gain quick and easy recipe of your visitors.

If you want to display ads above the fold, make sure to put more content and very less ad units. You can replace your ad units with smaller ad units. Instead of 336 x 250 rectangle ad block important use small square 250 x 250 ad block. I suggest you use a single ad above the fold. This is one of the most important SEO factors you need to take care of.

Bad Traffic Sources:
It is good to track your traffic source. Find out where your traffic is coming from. You need to analyze the source of traffic and how you can improve. If traffic is a poor source of your site a link to it will be considered spam.

Your site should not resort to spam traffic practices to get targeted traffic. You can observe this in many micro niche forums and blogs. Although the content is good, you should never get bad sources of spam traffic.

Comment Spam:
If your site is to allow too much spam commentators, then you're in trouble. The problem is both the side, people who comment will be slapped by Google, and the people who accept it. These comments are spam very annoying and boring. They all have the same content with different details of the product. This comment spam is usually done with the help of a content spinner bots.

Make sure you avoid these spam comments. Even if you use Akismet or GASP, still people will try to spam your site. Take precautions to curb these spammers. If your site is good with enough traffic, then use a login access Facebook / Twitter to comment on your blog. This will prevent bots, spammers and other unwanted comments.
Site Crawler issues:
Be sure to check your site for regular crawl errors. You might have seen lots of 404, 500 crawl errors in most of your sites. This is because the improper link structure. If you have recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress, you may have changed the structure of links and redirection.

Avoid these errors by installing necessary plugins. You can still connect to your Google Webmaster Tools and check if there are any crawl errors. If Google find too many 500 questions, give a hint to the `algorithm to slap your site.

Duplicate titles / Meta Content:
Avoid duplicate content is the most important factor in your site. When I say duplicate content, not only on the content, I mean even the title and content metadata. You must take care that double titles and content metadata that question. quickly.
Be sure to write original titles and meta descriptions. If you have multiple pages with the same title and meta tag, change quickly. This could be considered a double question by Google, and the rest you know.

Duplicate Tags:
Tagging your content is a popular method to display your content in search engines. Using title tags, the author imagines a list of tags that usually people use to find your content. That these tags are limited.
Do not put multiple tags and confuse the search engines. This technique is used in the category content correctly. If you spam tags with a lot of tags, you will end up with an unlimited number of pages to be dissociated content. This is a serious problem by the algorithms of Google Webspam. So its best to limit your markup to 0.5% or below actual words in your content.
This means, if your article is 1000 words, do not put more than five different labels. Although it does not show much of an impact in sending good traffic, it will always stop atleast you get banned by Google
Malware questions:
If Google find malware on your site, it must first send a warning message in Google Webmasters. Check your messages and notifications on a regular basis to take action. Google usually finds some malware problems in websites. Once it finds the problem, it sends a warning message to the website owner. You respond quickly and give Google an appropriate response.

You must remove the pages or malicious files made form your site as soon as possible. Once Google red mark your site as malware, your site is totally screwed. Although you can always get your site after recovery, this is no guarantee that your site will be recovered.
Avoid these malware attacks through continuous optimization and error control methods. If you have problems with a particular page, you can use Fetch as Google bot in your Webmaster Tools. If your site frequently performs, then check for hacking attacks and unauthorized use.

Backlinking is one of your own pages is a good way to increase page views and traffic. This does not mean you have over Inter link you articles. Some blogs allow you to read the actual content of the page. They connect too many pages in a single paragraph.

If you split your pages in too many links, you disturb the spiders to crawl a particular page. All you need to access articles 50 in a 500 word article. People are easily distracted reading the current position. Not good for you and SEO practices.

Page Speed:
How would you feel if you are in slow loading site? Obviously you want to leave the site without load completely. Right? Similarly even more will come out of your page / site if it loads slow. Your pointing site speed should not be less than 85% in 100.

Although farming Google updates are not completely dependent on the speed page factors, it's still your job to take care of them. Google will send a warning to the Analytics account, as soon as he found the high loading pages.

Paid links:
Never sell links on your site. Usually almost all the sites that pay for a back link is spam. These sites receive 100 links from different sources to get a good domain authority and page rank.

If you sell links to this kind of spammy sites, your site will soon be punished. You can put a nofollow banner for sending traffic to their sites. But never give dofollow link for small amounts. This could make your entire site most of the time.

Reciprocal Linking:
This ancient practice is used by many bloggers and webmasters to get back links. Usually these sites will link to each other by putting links in their blogroll. Reciprocal linking affect your website rankings and drive to penalize your site.
Avoid using blogroll link to your friends or bloggers. If you want to use a blogroll, make sure that you are not alternative links. This will help your site from getting banned by Google.

Tools for webmasters Trackback:

You should always keep track of your analysis site. Find out what went wrong if your site traffic has suddenly failed. Google Webmaster Tools play a crucial role in creating a successful website without spam. Google webmaster account displays all your sites based on their health status. If someone in your blog health is down, be sure to find the problem in it. All your sites should have a steady stream of good SEO practices.
These are the most important SEO factors you need to take charge. If you have a question or problem with your site, please drop me a line below. I will make of you as soon as possible. Good SEO

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