Get Google Adsense Approval! 7 things to do that really work

7 things to get google adsense approval
Would you believe that I applied for Adsense with a WAP site that had no possibility of Adsense codes? Believe it or not, but it's true. Adsense rejected my request. Because the application does not make sense to Adsense team. This time, I had no idea Adsense and how it works. All I knew that the website owners can make money with AdSense. So I thought why not give it a try. After all, I was a proud owner of a mobile site. Like me, there are many people who apply for Adsense with low quality sites. That's why Google has become stricter in approving new Adsense accounts to maintain its quality.
I think you have a good website (not WAP), but Google disapproved your application. Perhaps, that is why you are reading this post. Getting rejected by Adsense is frustrating. After several refusals, many new bloggers get this idea in their head that they will not always get Adsense approval. If you are one of them, you are not alone. And you are in the right place.
In this post I will share some tips on getting Adsense accounts. Most of these tips will be helpful especially for bloggers. I hope you get approved by Adsense after reading this post. So keep reading

7 things to do to be approved by Adsense
Google does not reveal tips on what basis they approve a new account. All you can do is to meet certain standards before applying for Adsense. You can also consider the following tips as Google Adsense List approval.

1. Get a Top Level Domain
Gone are the days when people would get Adsense account with free space in areas such as blogspot, etc weebly Google still approve subdomains site, but you must ensure that your site has quality content, beautiful design, easy navigation, etc ..
It's really difficult to field sites in accordance with Adsense standards. Google has already banned some sites in areas such,
So I suggest you do a top-level domain .com, .net, .org, .in, Etc are the top-level domains. Here's an example to understand the difference.
• Free subdomain -
• Top Level Domain -
Go get a domain name from Godaddy.
Here are some important things you should consider before buying a domain name.
• Do not use words crack, downloads etc. on your domain name.
• Do not copy rights violations. (You can not use a different brand name on your domain).
• Do not use any term of an adult.

2. Good Design & Easy navigation

You can have good content on your site. But it does not guarantee approval of Adsense, unless you have a good design and easy navigation on your site.
If you want to make money from your site, then you should consider investing a little money on the design of the site. WordPress user can go for Premium Themes. If your budget is low, you can enter a theme MyThemeShop.
So make sure your website has a professional looking design of good navigation. And do not forget to create a logo for your blog.

3. Submit site on search engines
Each time you run a website, you always want that people can find your site easily. Search engines are where people find your website easily.
All you need to do is submit your sitemap to search engines.
• Sending XML sitemap to Google.
• Submitting sitemap to Bing.
And also make sure that Google has indexed the pages on your website. Type site: Google search and see if Google indexes your site or not. Sometimes Google takes a week or more to index your site. If you have relevant backlinks pages will be indexed faster. Interconnection blog posts robots also helps search engines to index your pages.

4. Connect your site with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Analytics and Webmaster Tools are two great Google tools.
Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your site. And webmaster tools provides detailed report on the visibility of the website on Google.
These two tools help you improve the performance of your site which increases the chances of getting Adsense account.

5. Add fresh content and unique
This is the most important part.
You must create the fresh and unique content before applying for Adsense. Adsense does not require huge content but quality content. Some bloggers have got Adsense account with only 20 to 30 positions, while some have not received the approval of more than 100 positions.
So quality content is very important. Quality content is the illegal download links, not copied from other, well detailed and user friendly developed and studied without charge and things.
So try to publish quality content. Remember, quality content is still king.
Banned Adsense Content: copyrighted content, adult content, content contained Hacking, Paris / Casino-related / linked to alcohol and all illegal content.

6. Remove other ad networks

It's not a bad idea to try Adsense alternatives when you do not have an Adsense account. But remove these ads before applying for Adsense.
Although Google allows you to use another ad network with Adsense, but it creates a bad impression to the Adsense team if your site is filled with ads from other networks.

7. Create important pages

There are some pages that offer a better user experience. Google always focuses on a better user experience. Most new bloggers do not create these pages. Having these pages creates a good impression to the Adsense team. So create the following pages before applying for Adsense.
• About - most first time visitors visit 'About' page. They want to know who you are behind the blog. In about the page, you can write about you and your blog, or whatever you want. Here is my page.
• Contact - This is the most ignored page. You will realize its importance once you have it. You may have missed the direct advertising because of not having the contact page.

• Privacy policy - According Adsense TOS, you must have a privacy page that contains information on cookies, information specific to the device, location information and other information stored on. So create a privacy policy page for your blog.
Other things to consider
• If you have more than one site, then consider applying to the best place.
• Your content should be written in languages ​​other than English or Adsense office.
• Give your real information while applying for Adsense account.
• Your age must be 18 years or older to participate in AdSense.
• Sometimes Google requires Zone 6 months in some countries, including China and India.
• avoid paying traffic. (Adsense does not require a lot of traffic)
• Do not use the protected image, use images with credits.

Finally, read the terms of use and policies of the AdSense program.
Once your site is compatible with all the above facts and ask AdSense account. The approval process takes 24 to 48 hours today.

Once you have an Adsense account, you can use Adsense ads on another site you own. This is why you may have noticed that some low quality sites contains Adsense ads. But it's not a good idea, always make sure that your website is compatible with Adsense policy before adding ads. Adsense can ban your account if they find something wrong on your site.
Let us know if you have other approved AdSense tips. If you find this article useful, so do not forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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