How to block some Google Adsense ads

block some google adsense ads
You may have noticed that sometimes Google Adsense ads show some competing irrelevant sites, little research or common spam on your site. But you do not want Adsense to display these ads.
If you are in this situation, then you are lucky enough that Google has an option that allows you to block these ads. In this post I will discuss how and what kind of ads you should hang on Adsense. So lets begin.

What kind of ads you should block?
Joint announcements: One of the most common ads is Facebook Ads. Almost all Internet users are aware of Facebook. So people have no interest in Facebook ads, and you have less chance of getting click on these ads. Other than Facebook, there are some more Adsense ads that seem unappealing to me. So it is better to block these ads.

Affiliate Links Related ads: You will face this problem if you are an affiliate marketer. For example, you wrote a nice review or tutorial post on Hostgator Web Hosting. Obviously, you did it to generate sales. But AdSense ads can be a problem if it shows Hostgator ad on this post. If your customer to click on this ad instead of your affiliate link, you will miss selling for pennies. So affiliate marketer should block ads relevant to their affiliate links.

Competitive Ad Sites: Sometimes you may notice some sites competitive ads on Adsense. Most of the time these sites are blog site and they pay a few cents for click. So it is better to block these sites.
Other: You can find ads products you do not want to promote on your blog or are irrelevant ads.

How to Find the URL of ads
Once you have determined the ads you want to block, you must now find the listing URL. If it is text ads then you easily get links under Headline of the announcement. But the problem is banner advertising. As Google does not allow you to click on your own ads, you must find another way to determine the URL. Here's a quick way for you.
Just put the mouse cursor on the ad and make right click. Then copy the link address there.
Once you've copied the link, paste it into WordPad. At the end of the link that you will get the URL for the Adsense ad.

For Flash ads, this trick does not work. In addition, you can use the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. This is a Chrome extension that allows you to view information on the income of your AdSense ads.
After installing this extension, you will find an overlay on your ads. Just click on the layer and you'll be able to get the destination URL.

Once you have collected the URL of the ads you want to block Log in to your AdSense account.
After logging into your account, click on the "Allow and block ads." You can have multiple sites with Adsense ads. Choose the appropriate site from which you want to block these ads. Select the left bar on site.
Now click on the URL Announcer "and put the URL in the box. And click on the URL block. Follow the screenshot.

That's it. Now Google Adsense will not show the blocked site announcements.
I hope it helps you get rid of unwanted ads and increase your sales. If you find it useful then share it on Facebook and Twitter. And let us know your opinion on blocking some Adsense ads via comment.
Comment below any problem being faced.

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