The most expensive keywords in Google Adwords - a sign for affiliate marketing?

most expensive keywords in google adwords
If you are into affiliate marketing, you should regularly order the most expensive keywords. Whether Google Adwords or other similar service. Back in time your keywords and other categories making money is very important. When it comes to product gravity, everyone has their own set of rules to hide people. Find these keywords expensive product can really help you make real money. These expensive products have more competition, and the conversion rate. Markus Allen posted a detailed documentation of Search Engine Markup Roundup. This paper has examined the most expensive keywords Google Adwords (depending on their suggestion tool), and gave a clear indication for affiliate marketers smart.
Most expensive keywords in Google Adwords: 
According to the updated 2nd November 2012, Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool has recorded the most expensive in the category of mesothelioma, asbestos, annuity and the gift of the automobile. Regardless of keywords has amazing increase in the cost per click, from the previous month. Many categories were huge changes in their search volumes. mesothelioma settlement in the category of asbestos is the most expensive keyword in Google Adwords. This keyword has an average cost per click $ 142.67. This means for every single click recorded on this category, the bidder has to pay the amount Google Adwords. Just Imagine the income of an approved Adsense site easy search. With one click, a person can make around $ 142.67 huge amount of money.

The same case is the lawyer asbestos mesothelioma asbestos lawyer, asbestos law keywords lawyers in the category of asbestos. These keywords were respectively an average CPC of $ 121.68, $ 117.23 and $ 106.77. Compared with the previous month, the keyword mesothelioma settlement rose more than 3%, while asbestos lawyer declined by about 1% of the cost.

If you are a blogger Adsense approved these categories can really make you some money in your account. But remember also that your website, your blog should be of the same class. This information is particularly useful for micro niche bloggers, affiliate marketers. I have already provided the list of most expensive keywords in Google Adwords in the beginning of the post. Just to check and make real money.

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