How to find low competition keywords with Google Keyword Planner

find low competition keywords
Now to talk about the most talked about Google Keyword agenda. Previously, a keyword research tool, Google was the only free option to find low competition keywords in less time. But the recent announcement that the keyword research tool Google has been replaced by the keyword Planner Google, many people have lost hope of finding a profitable niche keywords for free. While Planner keywords based purely on commercial angle, you can always dig to find potential keywords for your niche blogs or potential customers. The new keyword integrated scheduler to support multiple PPC ads and advertisers rather than any SEO freelancer or niche marketing.

While you may think that Google was a little difficult professional SEO and internet marketing, you still have to understand that they give much importance to their paid customers. We need to evolve over time, so let's see how we can implement a cost-effective strategy to build your online business via Planner keywords. Every time you dig a profitable niche keyword Google Keyword Planner, make sure to remember these points.

1. Keywords with low competition, high CPC (Marketing Niche useful)2. low competition keywords with low CPC (useful for SEO projects / clients)You should always make sure that you find low competition keywords for better conversion and perspectives. Do not try to high competition keywords that 90% of them are already in use in larger characters. You may be wondering, is this little keyword / strong competition in the keyword Planner Google? Well, if the timer of keywords does not give a direct indication of targeting high keyword down / competition, you can always analyze the technique of a CCP.
Find Low Competition Keywords High / Low CPCYou need to analyze the opportunities your keyword in pushing ahead keyword research strategies. If you dig keywords to a potential customer, always keep an eye on how to convert this keyword niche marketing site, if the importance of the customer. Here's how to find keywords at the Golden Nugget long term. Always speak our keyword CPC, make sure you have a Google Adsense account with you. If you do not, then read this article to get Google Adsense approved within 3 days.When you find a word or phrase is clean near target high CPC, do not forget to rate this keyword in the next article on your blog (if you are a blogger). This will gradually increase Adsense income and also provides access to potential customers SEO. It's a win-win strategy will make you rich, popular and reliable. So lets understand how to find low competition keywords with high CPC.1. Log in to the Google Keyword planner and select "What are you doing?"2. Enter one or more keywords in the seed to go further.3. You can skip the "landing page" and "Your product category"4. Enter the target zone Language procedure.5. You can enter a negative option text to remove unwanted keywords.6. Specify the keyword filters, average monthly searches, average CPC.7. Specify the search keywords of inclusion and exclusion to dig in detail keywords.8. Click having ideas.

For example, when I came to the keyword "accommodation" to find potential market, so I want to find more best keywords with high monthly average CPC and research keywords less. Watch the video below to get a clear understanding of how winnowed hundreds of unwanted keywords. This powerful technique you can get about $ 50 - $ 60 per click on your AdSense account. If you do not use AdSense to monetize your blog, so forget the CCP, and focus on getting more organic traffic to your blog.

One thing you have to remember that the key word piece of gold is not easy to find. You will have to dig deeper to get the keyword profitable niche. In addition to the search for a keyword profitable, you must always ensure that competition is less than Google itself. Therefore, you are pretty safe in the creation of several blogs CPC high and low competition.Soon I will go to a keyword research techniques suggest different keyword research tools. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. I will make sure to answer you quickly. Keyword research!

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