How to generate more website traffic from Pinterest

derive traffic from pinterest to your websiteAccording to statistics, one notes that Pinterest is one of the primary source to drive traffic to your site. Pinterest has nearly 70 million daily users and continues to grow. So, be active in a large network and generate traffic from such a source is really needed. There are some impressive strategies you can follow to increase your followers on Pinterest and drive massive traffic to Pinterest. This blog covers some of the recommended methods to drive more traffic to your site from Pinterest.
How to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest?

1) Add your URL to your Pinterest profile
A quick way to generate traffic to your website is to add a URL to your Pinterest profile. This will give you a link to your site and helps to generate more traffic from Pinterest.
2) Add Pinterest follow button in your site
Just add tracking Pinterest button to your website and this will help drive more traffic to your site. You must install Pin-It touches apt places in your website. If you have great content on your website, then this button Pin-It attracts more new followers and thereby cause more traffic.

3) Add your site to your pin
You must make a practice of adding your site to your pins. As many people see your website from your pin your site will get more exposure and in turn you will receive high traffic. Thus adding your site in your pin will bring you much Pinterest traffic.

4) Add your site in the description of your PIN

After creating a PIN, you must enter the site link in the description of your PIN to generate more traffic from Pinterest. So when people read the description they will find your website link and they will click on your link. Thus adding your site in the description of your pin is a better method to drive to drive huge traffic to Pinterest.

5) Share more and be consistent
Make a practice of sharing things constantly to drive good traffic to Pinterest. Share more useful and interesting information that attracts many visitors to your website.

6) Follow members and to comment on their pins
Follow those deemed in your niche and if you find one of their interesting axes then you can make a comment on these pins. It really is a powerful way to drive huge traffic to Pinterest.

7) Try adding Pinterest widget
You can also add the Pinterest widget which is also a huge source of driving tons of traffic from Pinterest. Try adding the widget and you will find some improvement in your traffic Pinterest.

9) Add "Pin It" button to your images
Remember to add the "Pin It" button to your images. This will help your website visitors to share your content right from your blog and in turn bring you more visibility for your website resulting in more visitors to your blog.

To you
The above are the tips that I follow to get more traffic from Pinterest. If you follow other methods to generate traffic from Pinterest Share then by those comments.

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